Ebunlobinrin Foundation Awards YEIIS Beneficiaries

Ebunlobinrin Foundation is a non governmental organisations creating indelible footprints in South Western Part of Nigeria. The organisation recently disbursed under its Youth Entrepreneurship Innovations Investment Scheme, a program targeting 3000 micro, small and medium scale beneficiaries in Lagos and Ogun State. One of the things that sets the Organisation apart is the way members, mostly women, have come together to assume responsibility for actions impacting on their communities. Through this self-help approach, they are funding cooperatives, delivering healthcare services to indigent communities, leading child protection initiatives and promoting cultural rights.


According to Queen Okoya, President of the Organization, “over 250 women in Ifo local government were trained and supported in various vocational skills such as hair fixing, make up and bead making in the course of year 2014. This was replicated in other parts of Ogun State in same year. Since then, Ebunlobinrin Foundation has scaled up its programmes to the present levels. The Youth Entrepreneurship Innovative Investment Scheme was designed to cater for these set of people; the job seekers, fresh graduates, non formal business owners, vocational training, business expansion and rebranding”.

With young people making up 62% of Nigeria’s teeming population according to latest NBS reports, there is no alternative to the pursuit of economic empowerment at the grassroots. While government efforts in certain areas must be commented, the key to development is in citizens participation and peer support; and Ebunlobinrin Foundation is definitely striking the right chords in this regard.



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