About Us

The Social Enterprise Consortium™ (TSEC) is the Development and Engagement Marketing Platform of OceanSpring Group, providing concept design and implementation support for diverse clients across African industries.

Our Services

We provide development design and advisory services; gateway for media, information systems technology, entertainment and social sector services; headline events, networking, project implementation and support services.

Touching Lives

We are happy to discuss needs and evaluate options with you.

Our Commitment For Social Enterprises

We will continue to support social enterprises; including banks, telecoms, governments, manufacturing and trading concerns, educational institutions, small businesses and social sector players.

We own a chain of regulated news publishing operations, private newswire agency, public relations house and website development studio. Our Media Group could equally work with your team and other external resources to cater for your project needs and deliver superior customer service experience.

We are innovating on issues of healthcare, agriculture, fashion, commerce and tourism. We are fully vested on the promotion of universal services and sustainability reporting in education, environmental concerns, economic renewal, culture and inclusiveness.

Our relationships and advisory services could take the guesswork out of project development and activation; and our frontline institutional resources provide reliable articulate professional and accredited opportunities for stakeholders’ influence and expectation management.

Experience Our World

we believe sustainability should be innovative, and we remain committed to your excellence

Our Values

Empowering relationships and supporting people's aspirations

What Our Values Represent

We care about people, confidentiality, quality assurance and diversity

Why We Are In Business

Providing support for social enterprises as catalyst for development

Quality Assurance

We are ISO 14001 and ISO 37101 compliant for environment and community excellence


Our interventions target social, economic and infrastructure development

HSE Guiding Principle

Our HSE Policy continuously make measurable improvements in all aspects of operational safety

Our Strategic Positioning

We are building on our achievements in education, healthcare, tourism, regional development and transnational commerce

ECOWAS Common Market

Our involvement in ECOWAS Transport Facilitation (Joint Customs and Border) Programme since 2011 puts us ahead in Sub-Saharan Africa’s trade and development initiatives. We are scaling up Practice to help clients achieve corridor transformation and other benefits.

Southern Startup Initiative

The Southern Startup Initiative is positioning eighteen (18) Nigerian States for end-user technology activation, entrepreneurship platform, and integrated business support. Interventions include mentoring, funding facilitation, education, infrastructure and marketing.

Educational Communities

The Educational Communities Programme is focused on helping old students identify with the needs of their respective Alma Mater and creating solutions as a group through organisation and focused action.