The Social Enterprise Consortium™ (TSEC) is set to serve as a private agency dedicated to pioneering sustainable development practices in Nigeria and globally. We are focused on emergence as leader in integrating environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability into our projects.

With a team of multidisciplinary experts, including environmental scientists, engineers, economists, and social analysts, TSEC will design and implement innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of communities, businesses, and governments. From renewable energy projects to waste management strategies, TSEC is committed to fostering long-term sustainability across diverse sectors.

Driven by a vision of a harmonious balance between human progress and ecological integrity, TSEC will collaborate closely with stakeholders at all levels to promote inclusive and equitable development. Through strategic partnerships, capacity building initiatives, and knowledge sharing platforms, TSEC aims to empower individuals and organizations to embrace sustainable practices and create lasting positive impacts on the planet.

At the Social Enterprise Consortium™, our mission is not just about mitigating environmental degradation but also about catalyzing transformative change that nurtures prosperity for present and future generations. Through our steadfast commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration, TSEC continues to inspire and lead the way towards a more resilient and vibrant world.

As an Equal Opportunity Corporation committed to the Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution (CFRN 1999) as amended; and a vision of Africa that is integrated, prosperous and peaceful… driven by its own citizens, we will operate as a dynamic force in the global arena.