CEO Talks About OceanSpring Social Enterprise Plans

OceanSpring Social Enterprise is expanding its coverage footprints across Africa. In this interview with SENS Crew Joshua Luthanga, Mariah Posner and Dauda Kareem, Editor-in-Chief Samuel Odebowale addressed some business and operational issues last week in Abuja. Here is an excerpt as edited by Melinda Scott…   SENS: OceanSpring implements a corporate philosophy. What is it about? The experience has been […]

WACSOF Nigeria Calls For Reforms

Statement of Concerned Members of West Africa Civil Society Forum – Nigeria Platform (CM – WACSOF Nigeria) at the Meeting Held at Eden Garden, Abuja Nigeria on Saturday 16th March, 2024 1) Concerned Members of WACSOF Nigeria converged and discussed the state of affairs of the Forum under the present leadership of Dr. Sanwo David, and unanimously agreed on the […]

We Are Open For You

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to you to join the vibrant and impactful Social Enterprise Consortium Community. As a community dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and positive change, we believe your expertise and passion would be a valuable addition to our network. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and […]

Harnessing Social Enterprise for National Development

Promoting social enterprises can play a significant role in driving sustainable development in Nigeria by addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges while fostering inclusive growth. Social enterprise promotion can be leveraged for development in Nigeria in the following ways: Addressing Social Issues: Social enterprises can tackle pressing social issues such as poverty, unemployment, healthcare, education, and gender inequality. By providing […]